HACCP color coding

The HACCP colour coding is a system designed to prevent cross-contamination while cleaning. Because languages can greatly differ from one another, the HACCP color coding has been developed because colour is the same in every language and can therefore be universally accepted as a way to improve general health by preventing disease. At Unimop B.V. we supply companies with HACCP color coding equipment that fully complies with the HACCP standards for hygiene and safety.

The workings of the HACCP colour coding

The HACCP color coding works by dividing the rooms of a restaurant or food processing business into different colored areas. Each area is being cleaned whilst making use of cleaning supplies that correspond with that colour. The HACCP norms state the following color coding:

  • Red – raw meat;
  • Green – fruits and vegetables;
  • Yellow – poultry;
  • White – cheese and bread;
  • Black – roasted meat and sausage;
  • Blue – fish and shellfish.

Naturally, every company is free to hold their own preferences when it comes to HACCP colour coding. The main idea is that by only using cleaning supplies of a colour that corresponds with a room of the same colour. That way the chance of infection though cross-contamination is minimized. For more information about the HACCP colour coding system and the line of corresponding cleaning supplies of Unimop B.V., you can contact us at + 31 (0) 164 612 763.

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