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The Morgan can be divided categories;
  1. The MORGAN trolleys
  2. The MORGAN TOP-DOWN trolleys
  3. The MORGAN SECURITY trolleys

Morgan multipurpose trolleys satisfy any cleaning request. Thanks to an intelligent combination of polypropylene and Rilsan® coated components they are very strong and have a long life. Quick and easy assembling and versatility are the main features of these trolleys. They can be used both with the traditional wet mopping systems with buckets and wringer and with the more recent wet mopping system with pre-soaked mop heads.

The Morgan Top-Down Line includes all trolleys specifically made for the pre-soaking wet mopping system. Mop heads are pre-soaked in the laundry room and then placed in the Top-Down bucket and loaded onto the Morgan trolley; Morgan is available either with the small trolley for the transport of the buckets with pre-soaked mop heads to the ward or without it.


Morgan trolleys with long base and plastic drawers 22 and 40 ltrs with removable locking key fixed onto Rilsan coated vertical frames are simply called Morgan Security. The drawers can be completely blocked by means of the key locking system and of the plastic slots assembled on the vertical frames (bolts from the drawer into the slots), guaranteeing a total safety.

Drawers are:

Ergonomic: the operator can easily take out any cleaning equipment from the drawer without bending.
Safe: closing system with removable locking key and double slide out limiter to avoid any accidental falling down of the drawer.|
Strong: completely made of polypropylene, they can carry up to150 kg.
High storage capacity: 22-litre and 40-litre versions available.
Hygienic: easy to clean thanks to their smooth surfaces (no grooves).
Handy: the two plastic slots where drawers slide can be easily assembled to the vertical frames and can be removed for an easy cleaning and maintenance.

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