Plastic Bins & Buckets

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Plastic Bins & Buckets


Our Top-Down buckets are equipped with an easy and air tight cover. They are ideal for pre-soaking, that is to say the preparation beforehand of the cloths for the cleaning/wet mopping of floors and surfaces.


Sirius plastic bins are available in two versions: 30 ltrs and 60 ltrs. Their round-shaped line makes their cleaning easier in compliance with HACCP rules.

Built-in pedal to avoid bin upsetting.

Download here the SIRIUS flyer.

Polaris Delux

This 90-litre bin with front door is the ideal bin for kitchens, restaurants, industries, communities etc. It is completely made of polypropylene, strong and round-shaped for an easy cleaning.

It can be equipped with shock absorbing pistons “Hush System” for a soft closing of the cover and with several
accessories, such as a multipurpose plastic basket, a paper-roll holder and several different hooks to carry
small cleaning tools. Our “Polaris Delux” bin is in compliance with the HACCP rules.

Download the flyer POLARIS DELUX


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